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Client FAQ

I am limited in my budget; can I do business with PAL IT?
Yes, we offer SMEs services equivalent to those of an internal IT department at a lower price. You can save money while optimizing your IT infrastructure.
I already have an internal IT department; why go with PAL IT?
Your internal IT department may be limited in its capacities or knowledge, or simply overwhelmed. PAL IT’s team may complement your team and accompany them in important IT projects.
I have been working with the same IT partner for a long time, is it a good practice to have my IT service offer reevaluated?
Yes, we recommend that all our clients to have their service offer reevaluated regularly to be sure they benefit from the best tools and pricing.
I have good knowledge of IT and do it all by myself; why should I outsource it?
Sure, you know IT and you get along fine with it, but imagine all the time you can save by working with PAL IT. You will be able to invest your time in the core activities that generate revenue.

914, Notre-Dame West., 2nd floor , H3C 1J9
Montreal (QC)  


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