Professional training

We offer plenty of professional training aimed towards your IT and regular personnel that will boost productivity.
Whether your organization relies on G-Suite or Office 365, you have tools at your hand that need to be well understood by all.

Office 365


  • Initiation à Word, Outlook et Excel
  • Using the basic functions in Word, Outlook and Excel
  • How does Office 365 works and its diverse tools and functionalities


  • Security tools and practices
  • Full usage of Word and Outlook
  • Functions and advanced macros in Excel
  • User management in Office 365
  • Folder sharing, implementation of communication solutions, and more

Productivity and Collaborative Tools

  • Presentation of Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive
  • Presentation of Skype for Business and its basic use cases
  • Presentation of multiple productivity tools for businesses
  • Information sharing between users and best security practices
  • Presentation of Office 365 or G-Suite
  • Demo of the use of a particular software in businesses

IT Security in the Workplace

  • Identifier les courriels légitimes des faux
  • Identification d’un courriel frauduleux d’un contact reconnu
  • Pratiques de sécurité avec les pièces jointes
Social Engineering
  • Differentiate legitimate emails from fake ones
  • Identifying fraudulent emails from a known contact
  • Best practices concerning attached files

Best Work Practices

  • Information sharing concerning network access (computers, Wi-Fi, email, etc.)
  • Password management
  • Company data and systems access from personal devices
  • General information sharing

    The training includes a phishing test destined to the clients’ users

Cloud Computing Introduction (destined to the technical personnel)

  • Online storage (DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive): Pros and Cons of each for SMEs
  • Courriels dans le nuage : Office 365 / Gmail for Business
  • Comparaison des plateformes de Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform)

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